yesterday was Tuesday or TuesDATE?? <3


TGIF is not for me….but TGIT is for me! Thank God It’s TUESDAY!! or should I say TuesDATE?? haha Tuesday is a special day for me…Aside from Sunday which is my date with God… Well..It’s not the usual date that you are thinking of…hmmmm I know what’s in your mind…you’ll tease me pa ha.. ahaha it’s just a hang out date with Christian friendS (I put S for you to know that is not a one on one date with a guy)…exploring the outside world or I should say FELLOWSHIP in the outside world..

yesterday was special day to me (despite of the VERRRRYY HOOTTT weather),.. I together with tooott and tooott (playing safe) went to glorietta in Makati.. though we did nothing SPECIAL in particular, just as the usual..we walk…and walk…and walk..and watch movie..and walk again..heheh  It’s the talk that make it special actually.. and the eye to eye contacts..ayiiee…simple yet memorable…. Enjoying the company,.. I really love hanging out with my brothers and sisters in Christ…we DO NOT DRINK wines and alcoholic beverages, we DO NOT DISTURB others lives yet we are UNDENIABLY HAPPPYYYY!! Maybe because we have clean CONSCIENCE that is why we are able to enjoy every single moments of our fellowship..<3 so before I forgot that this is a public account, I now declare that…


TUESDAY is my DAY!…<3

to God be the Glory!…

-anne in mydailywalk-


There is NOTHING you can do until you PRAY

“Pray without CEASING” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Praying was never been too easy for me…whenever I pray, I can feel that there is a strong force that hinders me from praying.. I admit that not all the times, God is victorious in my life in terms of praying..Before I got converted and baptize as a Christian, I only pray because the school requires us..I don’t have that personal conversation with God.. though sometimes I tend to talk to Him in an informal way.. Even today, that I am a Christian ( it  is not a guarantee that when you are already baptized you are excepted to this  trials in praying, remember that Satan works tenfolds in our(Christians) lives just to win us) I am struggling in terms of praying.. To tell you honestly, my prayers are sequential, and whenever I pray, I can feel the bed is pulling me…BAD BED! hehe


Praying is like texting to God. We can’t deny the fact that we are addict in this. We should text God more often than anyone else. I am GUILTY of not doing this..My prayer life is stagnant and I’m still seeking for that intimate talk with God…it’s just that most of the times, I FAIL because I feel sleepy whenever I am praying..and sometimes I lose my focus whenever I am’s like my body is here on earth but my mind is flying to the moon! oh no! I am not saying this because I am proud, I am saying this because I DON’T WANT YOU to be LIKE ME! this is a shame for me…I do pray more often, YES, in the morning I say good morning to our FATHER in Heaven, and when I’m driving, and before I sleep but that is not enough,, I don’t think that PRAY WITHOUT CEASING meant like that..We should not pray for the sake of just praying, but pray WHOLEHEARTEDLY without ceasing..


I believe that in everything that we do, we should confess it to the Lord…We must admit that we CANNOT do ANYTHING…only GOD can..We should be dependent to Him and not on our own strength.. I was amazed because before I read my bible and my daily bread, I looked at the last page of my bible and I saw the quotation “there is nothing you can do until you pray” by pastor Ronilo Bating.. and then when I opened my bible I was shocked because the text is also about! hehe well I do not know if you can feel  the amazement that I felt..=))


so guys, lift up everything in prayer…Prayer is sooooooooo POWERFUL I tell you that! 110% proven and tested! Try it for yourself…make 1 Thess. 5:17 your motto in life..and see for yourself the result of your prayers! we have a 24/7 unlimited call and text naman with God so there is no reason for us to not talk to Him..and please…pray DIRECTLY to God…NOT to just any other gods there..Jesus made it possible for us to have a direct contact with God…=))

God bless you! CIAO!

-anne in mydailywalk18-

We are saved by God’s grace not by man’s will

“It is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved..” – Acts 15:11

YES! It is by His grace we are saved, that is why we don’t need to be crucified in the cross anymore. Before I became knowledgeable to God’s word, I believed that if I do good things I can be saved.. Yes, it is given that we need to do good things and avoid bad things but that does not end there…We should study our manuals (Bible) for us to know the truth.. Last Sunday, as my mom drove us to church, we tackled about wrong practice of beliefs like wishing for something when a bell rang during the communion, wiping to this man-made statues and pray to them, giving petition to a statue, etc.. I was like…ahh…that was not so intelligent.. and i feel ashamed of what I’m doing before.. I was deceived because my knowledge about God’s wisdom is not sufficient or should I say I REALLY DON’T KNOW what is God’s word…I just believe to those people whom I think is RELIGIOUS..basically because I don’t read bible before, nor I pray to God (I do ..if I have a request).

BUT now, THANK GOD! because my eyes were opened to the truth and began to realize things like my religion is asking more than what is in God’s word.  I began to read my manual, and finally figure out

things, those DO’s and DONT’s…wow! God really loves me because He enlightened up my mind.. if it’s not by His grace, maybe now, if somebody who is religious asked me to jump in a building just to be save, I JUST DON’T KNOW…I mean WHO KNOWS..Maybe I will do it because somebody said so…whoa…thank GOD! He saved my soul from eternal death!..=)

“Examine carefully any teaching that asks you to do anything more than what is in God’s Word. Otherwise it can be deadly to your spiritual well-being” – C.P. Hia


Friends, I don’t want you to be permanently blind. I want your eyes to be open for you to witness the Second Coming of Jesus and be a part of it..I love you that is why I am sharing to you His love for you! I don’t want you to be deceived by the false teaching of the earth.. I want to see you in our eternal Heaven..with God.. God bless you! Ciao..<3


-anne in mydailywalk18-


hi guys! welcome to my blog site…well basically I created this to share my daily walk with God…Hope that you will be blessed through my posts..=)) I will also post here some of my special moments and events in my life…just seat back and relax..go get a popcorn..and read my blogs..thank you! God bless you guys..

p.s. site under construction..=))

-anne in mydailywalk18-